Personal Training
Personal Training has so many benefits. To ensure that you are in the best hands, we require all of our trainers to have a Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certification and a Degree in the fitness industry. Personal training is exactly that, each and every workout is personalized to help you and only you. Most importantly, we promise to teach you why you are doing what you are doing to help you understand our methods.

Corrective Exercise
Do you have a bad knee, lower back, hip, shoulder, or any other type of injury or muscular imbalance? Have you ever wondered why those injuries or imbalances exist? Corrective exercise, by its simplest definition is a movement or exercise chosen to correct a specific dysfunction. A common misconception about fitness and training, is that every body is alike. With corrective exercise, there is not ONE best way to teach everybody everything. In fact, we take into account each individual need and how injuries or pain can be a result of poor posture, faulty movement patterns or improper training.

Injury Prevention
Our bodies are like computers and need to be programmed in a specific way in order for our bodies to perform daily tasks injury free and help reduce the chances of future injuries occurring.  There can be many unfortunate consequences of living an active and athletic lifestyle, such as sprains, strains, arthritis and broken bones. With the right knowledge and preparation many of these injuries can be prevented, or, treated. We will teach you about your body, teach you why your injuries exist, and come up with a game plan to help you improve those conditions moving forward.

Sports Performance
Are you a current or former athlete? Or do you want to be more functional? More explosive? Faster? Stronger?  We also specialize in sports performance that will give you every edge when it comes down to your performance, in whatever sport is your focus. Whether your goal is speed, power, flexibility, increased muscle mass, improved body composition, or agility…. we have you covered, no matter the sport or goals!

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